The HUB: Backups, Automate and Reports


Recently we start using Automate for updates. Great plugin. During some tests we ran into a couple of things and we have got some questions;

– Sometimes it does not run on the scheduled time or within the 1 hour timeframe. What is the reason for this?

– Are there options for scheduling monthly updates (or maybe in near future)?

– If an error occurs what gonna happen? Will automate try again later or only notify this in report?

The morning after the scheduled updates we configured a developer report to be send. Sometimes this report was not send (or received?), could you check out why not? It's reportId 6059 for and 6058 for

Another great option are the backups. We wanna use this for recovery during Automate. We configured it so that only this option is used and under backups disabled the scheduled backups. But it looks like when Automate is run scheduled backups are enabled again. Why is this?

A lot of questions about different plugins but for us all related for our workflow. Hope you can respond and clear a few things up.