[The HUB] Change URL to log in to WP administration in HUB panel

I always use the hidden security URL to log in to WP administration. But in the HUB panel with my linked web pages there is a button I can not change the URL, always going to http://www.mydomain.sk/wp-admin

I can use change URL address in Hub to WP ADMIN for my websites ?

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there Roman Sajdik

    There’s no automated way to get the changed login URL unfortunately. As we also provide this functionality via our Defender plugin, we’re going to have an update with Hub v.2 () that will sync Defender’s settings with the Hub.

    How do you change this in your sites? Do you use another plugin?

    I understand that this can be frustrating though, so I’ve shared with our growth team a proposal to have a specific setting on Hub, to control the login URL per site.

    I’ll keep posted on this request, as soon as I’ve got some insights for it. :slight_smile:

    Thank you,


  • Roman Sajdik
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Dimitris,

    thank you for your response. Yes, I’m using the AIO WP security plugin (Tips and Tricks HQ), but if Defender will provide the ability to hide the login page alike, I can only use your plugin.

    Your suggestion to add a specific Hub setting so that we can check the login URL to the page is good – if someone could / did not want to use Defender but still wants to have a modified URL on the Login page in the HUB. So it could make sense …

    Thanks, Roman

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