[The HUB] Don't Automatically Turn Off SnapshotPro / Automate and Remove Sites From the Hub

SnapshotPro, Automate and The Hub are great tools. They work and integrate very well so thank you very much. However, please could you reconsider the following approaches.

1) Automatically Turning off SnapshotPro / Automate

Current approach: If SnapshotPro fails to run a scheduled update 6 times it is automatically and silently turned off. The Snapshot plugin is still active on the site, but the auto back schedule is turned off and so is Automate.

Preferred approach: Send us periodic emails to let us know the feature is turned off, even though it is setup to do scheduled backups. Also shout at us via the HUB with an alert notification pinned to top or by changing the background colour for the site in the list.

Also the emails sent out by Automate are helpful, but both fail and success emails are too similar. If the feature is turned off please make the email look very different and continue sending it until either the feature is disabled by the admin or it starts to work again.

As an idea of how I use this. On my hosting the Max Execution Time is set at 120 seconds. But the minimum suggested by SnapshotPro is 150 seconds. Usually backups will run as expected but occasionally they fail and then the backup runs again and it is successful. Therefore if I get a success email from Automate I check the screenshot. If all is OK I delete the email. If I get a fail email, I ignore and delete email and wait for the backup to try again.

2) Automatically Removing Sites from The HUB

Current approach: if the HUB loses connection with WPMU Dashboard plugin it silently removes the site from the HUB.

Preferred approach: Email to say the site and HUB have lost connection. Periodically send these emails and even group them if more than one site. Continue until either the user removes the site, or the connection is restored. Also keep the site in the HUB and either pin a notice to the top or change the background colour of the site in the list to draw the admins attention to it.

There are many reasons why the site and hub might lose connection outside of the admins will. Server goes down, another admin deletes the dashboard plugin by mistake, forgetting to take down the maintenance page etc etc.

Hope I have explained clearly here :slight_smile:. I can provide more details if necessary.

Thanks for consideration.