[The Hub] Filters for the Hub

While my list of websites is growing in the Hub I think it might be useful to be able to filter websites on certain statuses.

Say; I’d like to see all websites that have security issues. Or see all websites that have back-up issues. The (coloured) icons are really useful, but when there’s a lot of websites, there’s a lot of icons. And when they are green, yellow and red this might clutter your view.

Filtering could come in handy I think.
(maybe by adding icons on top of the list view, above the other icons, in grey, and when you click them they turn either green, yellow or red. This way the corresponding icons beneath will show and filter your website list. I think it would be best to be able to filter on just one icon. So clicking another icon will reset the other icon back to grey.)

Just an idea… :slight_smile: