[The Hub] Make The Hub *Do*, not just *Show*

Hi guys,

We are in the process of migrating just shy of 100 sites from InfiniteWP to WPMU, and while there are a massive number of benefits and advantages to WPMU, there are also a number of fundamental features that it is lacking that prevent us from fully switching across.

The actual time involved in that migration aside (as I know the migration tool is still under development), even if we had all the sites across, I would still need to continue using IWP alongside WPMU anyway.

1. As mentioned in a separate feature request, WPMU lacks the ability to actually log us into the WP installs it manages.

o IWP uses a security token that functions independently of password changes (just as long as the user account isn’t deleted). Something like this on WPMU would be a huge time saver.

o Also, if I have a staff change, I don’t want to change 100 different website logins… I just want to reset my WPMU password and move on with life.

2. For plugin/theme updates, a single “UPDATE EVERYTHING” button is a little too all encompassing.

o A more granular selection process (picking and choosing what plugins/themes to update, what sites to update, and setting certain plugins as ‘IGNORE’ would be a huge benefit).

o We have some themes that, for one reason or another, need to be very carefully updated because there needed to be changes to core theme files (Child themes can’t do everything, alas), while others have specific processes for updating their theme’s bundled plugins (such as Avada). This requires a scalpel, not a hammer.

3. Configuration options for the white labelling (Ultimate Branding, Login Messages) all currently need to be done on a site by site basis within that sites admin portal.

o This is a fundamental feature that should be built right into The Hub. We need central management of white label settings that can be applied to all managed sites at the click of a button.

o I love the idea of being able to customise certain settings on a per site basis (like custom links to client reports and such), but at least allowing templates to be applied and customised is a must here.

o Advanced features, such as variable/customisable fields we can set that allows bulk configuring unique customisation in a single template (e.g. “add link to myclientreports.com/%clientname%/) or something witty and fanciful like that would be neat as “one day” features, but that is a very niche ‘feature request on a feature request’ scenario for another day. In the meantime, just give me a single console where I can customise/hide/brand all the sites without needing to redo it 100 times.

o Please note that I am aware there is an export/import config feature, however this is still far more time consuming than having the config automatically pushed out for all new installs. Also, it means that any changes need to be re-exported and re-imported 100 times rather than just done once and replicated automatically.

4. For security changes, The Hub lists issues that have been detected, but clicking the option to change them takes you to the WP Admin portal for the client (which you then need to manually log into), where you then need to change the settings.

o Why can’t I just click fix right there? Why can’t I see all the sites at once that have these issues and batch fix them from The Hub as well?

o Furthermore, if WPMU recommends changing security keys every 60 days, why isn’t there an option that says “do this for me” and it just schedules it (either per site or across the board – preferably without ever needing to leave The Hub).

5. For Snapshot Pro, I want to be able to prevent users from messing about with this, and I need to be able to configure backup settings at a global level.

o I need to be able to say “backup all of these sites here on this schedule on this storage platform”.

o Per site quota management and features like that are great features, but I can live without them for now as long as I can actually make global backups with granular control over restoration (from The Hub) for either files or the database.

o While we’re on the topic though, the ability to either restore to a second database and swap the WP install over to that or (replicate the existing database to a different db name before restoring) would be freaking incredible… But, I digress.

6. For the ‘in WP Admin’ management, it is great that you can select which user accounts can see/access all of the WPMU apps, but the additional time involved in first creating a custom user specifically for this purpose is quite the pain in the neck.

o An option for when installing WPMU on a site to have it create a new user account and linking WPMU to that would save a lot of effort here (preferably with a preconfigured username/email and a random strong password – or even one that was somehow disabled from direct login and only accessible via The Hub… See Point 1).

o Of course, there would need to be options on how to handle the situation should the account already exist (such as ‘If this account already exists, convert it to a WPMU management account’) or something to that avail… but there are plenty of other ways to handle this… such as having it that the account it creates is actually using a <YourWPMUalias>@wpmudev.org as the email, where any account notices pipe directly into your WPMU install and can be seen in The Hub, but that may be a bit excessive (cool, but probably excessive).

7. Essentially, this all comes down to a single point that applies to a lot of things: “allow me to do it in The Hub – rather than just direct me elsewhere from The Hub”.

o WPMU is a great plugin suite, but it feels like the transition to plugin *management* suite is still very much in progress.

o To allow us to replace IWP (and to fully compete against others such as iThemes and ManageWP), there needs to be more ‘central hub management’ in your ‘central hub management’ tool.

TL;DR: Please make The Hub *do*, not just *show* :slight_smile:

P.S. The Feature Requests forum (https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/forum/feature-suggestions) is currently quite the unruly beast. Please allow filtering (per app/feature status), sorting (popularity/recent updates) and a ‘suggest merge’ option for related or duplicate requests, as well as adding “The Hub” as an available option in the product selection dropdown when submitting requests (i.e. this request is for Product -> Other -> typed answer: “The Hub”:wink:.

There are probably several of these points that have been made before, but I have no reasonable manner in which to find and vote for them. Sadly, having 455 pages of requests is just a swarm of incoherent voices that doesn’t help anyone.

Thanks and kind regards,