[The Hub – Reporting] Reporting templates for The Hub

I’d like to be able to create “templates” for reports so that I can have a standard reporting document. Right now, each time I add a client to The Hub, I create the report manually. I’d love to be able to pick a template so I didn’t have to go through and recreate it each time.

On a related note, I’d love to be able to duplicate a report and update it. For example, I spread my client reports out over the course of the month. What I’m doing right now is creating a “Client” version of the report and running it on, say, the 10th of the month. I’m then creating a “Developer” version that I run 2 days before. That gives me a little time to fix anything that I don’t want showing up in the Client report.



p.s. Side note: when I typed in “Other” for the product, it wouldn’t let me submit. I had to pick it from the list.