The Hub usability issues.

The Hub has had some good improvements lately but there are a few issues that are frustrating and keep me from using it more.

1. On the list of my sites the links there is a WP Admin button for each site, but this button links to /wp-admin . Since I use a custom login url plugin, that link doesn't go to the admin, it doesn't even go to the login page.

2. No way to mark a third-party plugin "do not update" or "do not check for updates". Unfortunately there are some sites with plugins or themes that can't be updated so they always show red.

3. Kind of the opposite of number two, there is no way to update a certain plugin across all sites at once. So when a certain plugin, that I use on all sites, has an update I have to click update over and over. Would be great if the update button under a site had an option to "update this plugin on all sites." This would be used for plugins I have confidence won't break a site on update.

4. Backups can only show green (no issue) when the site is using the new cloud backup. I use Snapshot on all sites but on most of them I use Amazon S3 or other cloud services for the destination, on those sites the backup always shows red so the site always says "you have one warning". If I'm using your Snapshot plugin and daily backups are being successfully run, this should be reflected in the backup section.

If someone isn't using Snapshot but is doing backups another way they should be able to turn off backup checks.

5. Theme updates used to show all the installed themes that need updating so I was going to ask they could be bulk updated (mostly for the WP 201x stock themes). I just noticed that now it doesn't seem to check themes at all unless they are Upfront themes. Is that right or a glitch?

Hope this feedback helps, it would be great to be able to rely on The Hub as my primary management portal.

  • Andy
    • Product Design Lead

    Damon thanks for feedback above! You are definitely on the money and all those features are needed. I can confirm we are working on them and they are in the pipeline. I can't give you a solid ETA as always with product development but one would estimate weeks/a few months max.

    We are steering towards the Hub being a primary management tool, so it will definitely have these built in shortly.

    Thanks again!

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