The images are not reduced, even if the plugin says "reduced"

Hi, I installed the plugin and set:
- Auto-Smush images on upload
- Super-Smush images (lossy optimization)

When loading a new image in an article (eg 01.jpg - 848KB) tells me "WP Smush: Reduced by 47.33 KB (23.0%)"
If then I make downloading the weight appears to be the initial one (848KB). The weight of the image has not been reduced.

Then I have two other questions.

I have the active subscription. In WP Smush setting near the title I do not see "API connected" as is present in your examples.
It's normal? I have to configure the bees somewhere?

The image optimization is processed on your server, right?
On my servers you are not required RAM resources?

Thanks, see you soon and good day