The language describing Snapshot leads to inaccurate expectation concerning whole database backups.

There are three lines in the description of Snapshot that lead folks to expect something it doesn't do. They are:

Which you can then restore with one easy click And which will allow you to not just backup all your regular WordPress stuff (posts, pages, comments, taxonomies etc.) but also every table of your database, for every plugin and theme?

Create as many ‘Time Machine’ snapshots of you entire database (or individual tables) as you want:

Select as many, or as few, database tables as you like:

As we've seen from the messages in the last week, folks are confused about this part, as it implies that they will be able to backup their entire database. It is not the case with the current version of the plugin.

I advocate that the page be changed to reflect that it backs up only the tables for a single site. Of course the wording in the plugin itself should be changed as well, such as with:

Include all database tables in this Snapshot. This will automatically include new tables.

As I activated it on the first site, I had assumed it would add others as I added them to the network. I believe my assumption to be in line with what that says; "all database tables" is clear language. As such, it should be changed to reflect what is actually happening.