the logo of my template got damaged.

the logo of my template got damaged. It is the white label in the upper menú. It used to be centered. Now it is not centered. And the white box is bigger than usual.

  • Majid

    Hello Paralelo City !
    I hope you are doing great today :slight_smile:

    I was inspecting your website to figure out what happened to the logo css, but I really couldn't identify what went wrong as I don't have the actual format of how it was before the issue happened, so I assumed it's maybe related to Hummingbird assets optimization features as it sometimes causes styling to go off if used incorrectly, so I disabled that which didn't help and I also disabled the whole plugin as well, and that didn't help too so I can assume it's not something related to assets optimization or th whole plugin it self.

    Maybe if you can tell me what was the last change you have made to the site, or provide me with a picture of how it was before I might be able to recover it back using some custom css codes. I also checked the theme settings and it doesn't seem like it have any.

    Let me know :slight_smile:

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