The MarketPress (CoursePress Pro Bundle) breaks my CoursePress child theme

I have created a child theme for CoursePress Pro which runs fine, but as soon as I install the MarketPress (CoursePress Pro Bundle) plugin, it deletes the original CoursePress plugin entirely and breaks my website.

P.S. A built in child theme would be a great feature to add to the CoursePress Pro plugin.

  • alex_blasingame

    Yes, you're correct, CoursePress was removed when updating MarketPress. I've re-installed both and they seem to be working fine for the moment.

    Now I have a new problem- whenever I try to activate just about any other plugin it gives me a 500 server error. I've tried activating a bunch of WPMU plugins, such a Snapshot and Pay with a Like, each time with the same result.

    I deactivated all plugins, switched to the 2014 theme, and activated these same plugins one by one (except CoursePress). The theme never broke. I then reactivated CoursePress and the MarketPress bundle and got another 500 error.

    All of the plugins I'm trying to use are either WPMUDev plugins and/or trusted plugins I've used together without any problem on other sites. It looks like CoursePress doesn't play well with others.

    If you have a solution for this I'd love to have it. This plugin should work great for my business model, as long as it stops crashing my site.

  • Vaughan


    This sounds like it could be memory related.

    Could you try adding the following to wp-config.php see if that helps.

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

    However, if you could check your sites error_logs, that might give us a better clue. Have a look for an error_log file in your sites root folder (where wp-config.php resides) and in the /wp-admin/ folder. See if there are any errors listed.

    Hope this helps

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