The membership plugin and multi site network are not working as expected.

I have tried to reply to my previous post but it’s not working?

The issue I am having is when I test signing up to my website and creating a blog as a customer would, it creates a new user in my network admin as well as my main website which is fine but when trying to login to the new blog created the website redirects to my main sites registration page?

Here is an example: I create a new website as a new user on registration, I get the correct confirmation emails as expected but when clicking the link to the new site which has been created I am redirected to:

What I am trying to achieve is one website which offers users the ability to create their own websites and also use BuddyPress features on my website.

Could there be an issue with the way I have allowed registration on my site in the network admin area?

Also when trying to manage users I get the following message: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

I am logged in as the user I created the WordPress installation with and I have super user privileges.

If possible, could you offer some kind of instant support or online chat where I can talk through this issue with someone?