The more tag is being ignored by visitors

I just migrated from Membership to Protected Content. I'm quite happy so far. But, I'm having a problem that all my content is visible to visitors. I don't see how to create the visitor level as we did in Membership. I use More Tags to protect videos on pages and posts. I just want to hide all content below the More Tags to Visitors. How do I do this?

  • astUtemy

    I DID. It doesn't work. I dumped Protected Content and reverted back to Membership. The system set all my members back to visitor status this morning. I also have received dozens of emails from pissed off members that received an email that was automatically sent after the import from Membership to PC stating that they were about to be charged $1440 for one of our plans. Of course, this didn't actually happen but I've had 9 requests to cancel and one threatened a lawsuit. I've been up all night dealing with this mess and I've lost quite a bit of revenue as a result. I know you mean well but this experience will ensure that I find another solution. You need to understand how important these membership systems are and dedicate resources to them. It's not a part of a company type idea. It's a focus. These systems are the source of income for many of us and this sloppiness is causing me stress, grief and taking money out of my pocket. I'm really unhappy.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there,

    You mentioned the checkbox didn't retain the check, well it wouldn't, that's to perform bulk actions. You use the Modify Access link (or click in the Who Has Access area) and select the needed plans. I tested this and that does appear to be working for me.

    Did you have these issues on your sandbox install when testing before pushing them live?

    I see we've pushed a new version that prevents those mails from being sent. Philipp posted in your other ticket:

    Just to make sure that the import process will never send out emails we have added a new condition that explicitely disables all automated emails during the Import. This change is included in the next update (, later today)

    If you do give it another go on your staging site and you have issues, please let us know and we'll take a closer look before you go live to ensure it works.

    Have a good weekend.

    Take care.

  • engagedinart

    Hi there,

    I am having exactly the same problem as The more tag is not working for me either since installing the very latest update. I rely on this method heavily for portfolio items so that visitors can see a "teaser" but not actually see the download link until they subscribe. It was working before and I have "hovered over "read more" content option to see the Modify Access link where I added my selected levels. I have wasted a whole day trying to get this to work. Any ideas please?