The new Activity reports feedback

Ok so I ran an activity report last night from within “My Websites” I create these manually on a monthly or Bi-Monthly Basis for Clients but thought it may save some time and why not give it a whirl…

Heres my thoughts having sent the report to myself, for WPMU staff and others to feed into:

1. Firstly if this is going to a client the report front page needs a way for me to add my logo as well as theirs?

2. The time the report is generated needs to be removable or local and preferably both and or just the date, and NOT the time.

3. The Words “Activity Report for” needs to be layed out better or it splits the Domain address and looks rubbish, I appreciate the idea but splitting the page in half for 1 logo and then half words is frankly a bit rubbish and needs redesigning to allow for my branding, customer logo and the report words..

4. Some customers may be frightened by seeing render blocking issues, we all know its hard to get this bit right, whilst i can turn off performance reporting I’d rather be able to drill down and switch off elements of the performance so they aren’t frightened by it.. developer hell will ensue if numbty client wants a 100% score on all these areas.

5. My Branding in a header or footer would be great, I dont want this report taking to a competitor and I do want the client to remember who the report came from…

I hope thats helpful feedback, keep up the good work!

I’m a bit fan of WPMU :slight_smile: