The New WPMU DEV Dashboard!

Hey All,

How do you like the new members dashboard?

As a member, when you log in, or whenever you visit the homepage after you are logged in, you should now see something quite new!

The aim of this is to:

– Allow you to easily access all of the stuff you get as a member

– Manage your account, profile (you also now have a profile!) and all other DEV stuff

– Review your recent downloads, affiliate earnings and forum activity

– Easily access latest news and jobs

And a bunch more.

It is, however, very much a first draft… and one that we’d love your feedback on how it could be improved.

We’re aiming to add some other goodies to it soon too, including, *gasp*, a tracking system for the projects we’re working on, where they are at, and the odd vague ETA :slight_smile:

So there ya go, let us know how we can improve it, and we hope you like it!

Cheers, James