The Next Super Fantastic MarketPress 3.0 beta is Here!

Hello, members! Happy August!

Thanks for all your fantastic and very helpful feedback/bug reporting on the last MarketPress beta. The Amazing Marko and his team of coding Avengers have applied many, many bug fixes and a few optimizations, so we've got a brand new beta available for testing.

We would once again love your feedback and help stomping out the last of the bugs so we can let MP3 out into the world. (Baby plugins grow up so fast!) Leave any questions, concerns, and issues in the comments below.

  • XiliXTech
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I have found another issue in the beta:
    Using $mp->format_currency() function deprecated, new function to use: mp_format_currency().

    The issue is in the following files:

    You can safely just update the above mentioned files to remove the warning (displayed only with debug enabled).

    • XiliXTech
      • WPMU DEV Initiate

      A few extra small bugs or improvements I just found:
      Editing a product with variations:
      1. When you edit the variation, it opens in a modal; when it saved, the modal remains open, and you have to click the x or outside to close (why doesn't it close on success).
      2. Editing the variation price: When you click on the price, it becomes a text field (good), when you click outside, the formatting is removed (example I have a product with price $245.00, I click on it to edit, and then click outside, the '.' or ',' indicating a decimal is removed, increasing the price 100 times to $24500).

      Well done for a great improvement on MarketPress - this is what we need.

  • XiliXTech
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I have found yet another bug:
    In file 'includes/common/template-functions' line 1451 and line 1459; in the first line a 'section' tag is opened, but a 'div' is closed.
    This is inside the mp_list_products function (thus used everywhere you list any products)

    This can easily be fixed by either making both 'div'-tags, or 'section'-tags.

      • XiliXTech
        • WPMU DEV Initiate

        Hi Michelle

        Thank you, I find these bugs while setting up a website for a client (when I find something wrong, I debug).

        Speaking of which, more issues I found:
        1. The shortcode generator does not seem to work (specifically the List Products), now matter what options I select, the shortcode have no attributes.
        2. Some Template functions test the session_id(), and if empty do a @session_start. However the one on line 2102 does not have the @ in front, and gives a warning, since output have started.
        3. The store Admin Menu option, lost its sub-pages (when hovering over it, the 'Products' and 'Add Product' does not appear - adding an extra step to add a product).

          • XiliXTech
            • WPMU DEV Initiate

            Situation 1: I am in the WordPress editor, I click the Marketpress shortcode button, select my options (for example Grid, no filters, not paged, sorted by title - ascending, within the Featured tag etc). When I click the Insert Shortcode button, I get the vanilla shortcode (no attributes). When I save and preview the page, it loads the default options (list, filters, paged).
            This force me to go look into the plugin to determine how and which attributes I need to set to get what I need.

            Situation 2: Since I am busy setting up the site (running local VVV/Vagrant server), I have WP_DEBUG set to true (only I have access to the site, thus no security risk), with display_errors. When viewing the same page as the one mentioned in Situation 1, I received the warning that headers was already sent (session_start() creates and send a cookie if it does not already exist - requiring to be before any content). This is only an issue since at the time a shortcode is run, output have already started.
            The other lines using the session_start() have an @ in front to silence the issue, but on the specified line it was omitted.
            A better solution might be to do a standard session_start on the init action hook (make sure we always have a session).

            Situation 3: In the admin, the "Store" menu item does not have a sub-menu with the "Add New" option (to quickly access the Add new products screen), thus adding an extra step to add more products (having to click on the "Store" then on the "Add new Product" at the top of the "Store" page).

            I hope this clarify what I wrote before.

    • Michael Bissett
      • Recruit

      Hey @amused,

      For now, yes, though I do recall there being plans for a Stripe Connect gateway that'd allow for similar behavior.

      You'll be interested to know though that with this present beta, chained payments are presently available in a global cart setup! :smiley:

      (that definitely got a grin out of me when I saw that feature)

      Kind Regards,

    • Matt
      • Flash Drive

      @amused - In the US, Dwolla has an excellent vendor payment api that is free of transaction fees. It can also be white labeled so you can remove the Dwolla branding and replace it with something that fits your branding or market better.

      I've heard this will make its way into a 3.1-ish release of MarketPress, and from talking to one of the developers at Dwolla a couple months back, I have a feeling they may be moving into foreign markets (just a feeling, nothing official).

      Anyway - check out and see if that's something that would work for your marketplace and if it is, we'd love your show of support on the Dwolla integration thread here:

  • uxwebtech
    • The Bug Hunter

    A little late, but here's the changelog from the file for v3.0

    Plugin Name: MarketPress
    Author: Marko Miljus (Incsub), Aaron Edwards (Incsub), Hoang Ngo (Incsub), Jonathan Cowher (Incsub)

    Change Log:

    - TONS of code cleanup/optimizations - 99% of PHP notices/warnings have been cleaned up
    - New: Short codes can now be inserted via a popup wizard that is available from within the TinyMCE editor
    - New: Product variations have been rebuilt from the ground up
    - New: Setup wizard
    - New: Regular/Sale price can now be bulk/quick edited
    - New: Set store capabilities for all of your user roles
    - New: Add-on system
    - Coupons are now an add-on and can be disabled if not being used
    - Admin interface has been rebuilt from the ground up
    - Added new default store style
    - Added Bahrain Dinars to the list of available currencies.
    - Added links to settings/network settings on plugins page.
    - Settings metaboxes now use ajax instead of page refresh where applicable.
    - Added screen options tab on orders screen - users can now specify how many orders per page they want.
    - Added on-demand (jQuery) data validation on most settings screens.
    - Removed Cubepoints payment gateway as it no longer in active development.
    - Removed Google Checkout payment gateway.
    - Removed BitPay payment gateway.
    - Removed iDEAL payment gateway.
    - Removed Skrill/Moneybooker payment gateway.

  • duffy_betterton
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Ok - I am testing the beta. I'm not sure if I have found a bug or if I am just missing a simple checkbox somewhere. I have added a test product but there is no picture. I love that I can add alternate photos with no additional plugins but they are not showing up.

    What am I missing? Or is it a bug?
    BTW- loving the updated admin menus! Can't wait for this to roll out!

    • mpress
      • Code Wrangler

      Hi @Jude,

      - Mollie is 0.45 per transaction for iDEAL
      - with the removed option transaction cost is 0.29 (This option is wide - you can choose to work with different providers and also with your own bank gateway if you wish)
      pricing is quite different in my opinion.

      I have a customer working on this iDEAL payment gateway that will be removed in MP 3.
      Does he need to have all settings changed when MP 3 comes alive? And also change


  • deepak_k_pandey
    • New Recruit

    Are there plans for any payment gateway for India like PayuMoney / ccAvenue etc.
    The ecommerce scene in India is hot right now and maturing with mostly Indian payment gateways being used. It will be great if there is some news about any Indian payment gateway being included.

    • Michelle Shull
      • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

      Hi there!

      As of right now, Stripe Connect is not added to Mp3.0, PayPal Chained Payments is still the only chained payment system available. We had to make some tough cuts to the feature list to ensure we got MP3.0 out in a timely manner, but I know it's still under consideration for future versions.

      Thanks for your question!

  • johnnymestizo
    • HummingBird

    Any chance there will be more WooCommerce-like features being added during the 3.x roadmap?

    - Integrated product & seller reviews
    - Vend / Small business inventory system integration
    - Multiple shipping partner API integration
    - Super beautiful ecommerce themes
    - A little more work on the multi-vendor features (i.e. make the output of the MP product network shortcode have more advanced features such as seller/product reviews, seller name)
    - Everything done from the front end



  • Natalie
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Sometimes when I select Australia from the drop down box in the shipping address form, the state/province choices provided to me are all Canadian not Australian. I haven't tested other countries and if I reselect and refresh it usually fixes itself.

      • Natalie
        • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

        I haven't really done anything except set up to get this error. Basically last week I had the current Marketpress working on a site. I tried Marketpress beta and it seemed to be working pretty well but then I had 'store' and 'store-2'. As I have only just started setting up this site I thought I would reinstall and start again with Marketpress 3.0. But now I can't get Marketpress 3.0 to work. I have a fresh install of Wordpress 4.3, WPMU Dev Dashboard, Simple Custom CSS, Lucid theme from Elegant Themes (but I tried using Twenty Fifteen instead) and Marketpress MOJO Pro (I tried deactivating that). Those are the only plugins installed. I've added one test product but it isn't showing up.

        • Michael Bissett
          • Recruit

          Is this a Multisite installation, or is this a single site install?

          I just made a fresh install of my own, with only MarketPress active, and the Twenty Fifteen theme active, and haven't run into this error yet.

          If you were to start again with a fresh site, configured in a manner like what I mentioned, are you still seeing this? If not, then I'd want to try setting it back up like what you had it, and seeing if that error comes up again.

          Hopefully, we'll get more of a bead on what the culprit here is. :slight_smile:

          Kind Regards,

          • Natalie
            • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

            Okay I reinstalled (used Installatron instead of Softaculous this time but not sure how that makes a difference?).
            Fresh install. Nothing but marketpress beta. I don't have an error.
            Added Paypal details worked fine.
            Latest wpmu dev dashboard added - seems ok
            Added Marketpress Mojo PRO - seems ok
            Added LUCID theme - seems ok
            Added Simple Custom CSS - seems ok
            No idea. But rest assured before I'm done I will break something else.

          • Michelle Shull
            • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

            Hey Nat!

            I think the issues you saw may have been related to having both MarketPress 2.9.xx and MarketPress 3.0 active at the same time, which could explain why you're not seeing it now. MP3 is a lot different than MP2, but they're still going to use some of the same resources, I bet that's where the error came from.

            Do let us know if you find anything else! We should be wrapping up the last of our tests and releasing officially very soon. Thanks for your great testing here. :slight_smile:

    • Michelle Shull
      • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

      Hey, Johnny!

      There is not a specific-to-MarketPress theme in the works, but we do have two child themes on the way that were designed with e-commerce in mind. They're not in the next batch of child theme releases which are coming soon, but should be in the following batch. We're hoping to really step up the release dates on the child themes, so you should see several new and interesting child themes for Upfront in the next several months.

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