The Paypal Dictature : lets make the revolution !!!!

Hi !

First in this one, I d like to congratulate aaron for his great, magnificent, superb (add any superlative you like) Pro sites plugin.

Now that is said, I’d like to propose a revolution on this absolute paypal dictature in this (and perhaps other ?) plugin.

Why ???

paypal is just not expensive, it is just… thieving !!!!

look :

Paypal : 3,4% + 0,25 euros per transaction for european, + change currency commission if not in euros.

Monneybooker : 2,90 % + 0,25 € per transaction for european, 3,90 % + 0,35 € for others.

for basic level pro payements.

but more mad :

fund transferts on cb/account from paypal/mb account :

paypal : 5 USD !!! (but free once a month by automatic refund)

MB : 2 USD

Funds are blocked 1 month in paypal before refund, MB has an interresting security system of 7.9% 1 month reserve on each transaction.

Paypal has a very very complex tarification, MB not.

And many other details that make me to propose this revolution, and supplicate Aaron to Monneybookerise Prosites !!! Even “othergatewayrize” prosite !

thanks again for this incredibly great pro sites :wink: