The plugin Pay "With the Like" does not work properly

Hello, I'm Brazilian and do not speak English, I'm using a translator to write you this message.

Unfortunately I'm having serious problems with this plugin. I'll list them all below so that it becomes easier to understand.

One. The buttons are misaligned. The 1 button always stays below all others.
2nd. The Like button only works in Firefox and Chrome browser
3rd. The tweet button does not work on any hypothesis. He sends the tweet but does not release the item to the user.
4th. Linkedin button not working well.
5th. Many times I have to manually recarreagar page queo article is released.

I've done several tests, I was many hours making changes, I disabled all my plugins, resources, etc.. and yet nothing works. I feel frustrated because the plugin caused me so many expectations.

In the ad said that he is fully compatible with the latest version of wordpress, I fear that now is the lack of compatibility with my theme, which is newly bought, I paid a good price for it and the plugin can not just not work on it. Using the theme Nevada (Whoothemes) latest, widely known and used.

I need a solution to the problems presented.

My domain is: and the plugin is currently disabled due to malfunction.

I greatly appreciate your support