The plugin suddenly stopped working after just visiting settings.


So I’ve had your Google Analytics+ plugin running for some time now and it was working. But today when I just clicked on the backend settings. Not changing anything or clicking on update, this happened:

“Something went wrong, you need to auhorize the plugin or properly configure your Google Analytics account!”

I then click on the authorize the plugin link in that message and I get this:

Plugin Authorization

“You should watch the video and read this tutorial before proceeding to authorization. This plugin requires a properly configured Google Analytics account!”

Below that there is a greyed out button that I can’t press that says Clear Authorization and then there is a clickable button saying clear cache. I did press that and I didn’t notice any change.

Below that you should be able to select the domain but there is no domain to select.

I might have set up the plugin the first time not as the super admin but with an account that had been given super admin rights. And perhaps visiting the settings with another account somehow messed up the authorization?

I am clueless on how to fix this or what the problem is :o


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi there, Robert!

    Let’s test your theory by de-activating and then deleting your current copy of GA+, then reinstall a fresh copy via the WPMU Dev dashboard, or by downloading and uploading to your server via FTP.

    That way we’ll know the same account created it and will control it.

    Let me know if that fixes it for you, and thanks for your question!

  • Dukeswe
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Well that actually helped because removing your plugin made me realise it wasn’t your plugin I had been using… I just thought it was *facepalm* D:

    Apparently I had another plugin installed named almost the same that I’d forgotten about (the one that malfunctioned). So now I’ve switched to your plugin for real this time!

    So the issue has been resolved x)

    Sorry about this


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