The plugin (wp quiz pro) shortcodes not working in ajax call

Hi, I am asking this again by starting a new thread. I am not familiar with writing codes.
Could you help me how I can the 'shortcodes' work?

I am using WP Pro Quiz plugin to make quizzes in my site course units. My site them is WPLMS . In pages and posts, WP Pro Quiz shortcodes work perfect. However, in ajax call, the shortcodes don't work. They just show themselves instead of quizzes. In the course units of my WPLMS site, the shortcodes are triggered by a jquery event "unit_traverse" when a unit is loaded. How can I make the shortcodes work in the course units?

p.s.: Please be aware that if you click " contents in Course Curriculum", the short codes work. What I mean is that they respond to show quizzes. When you approach it through like attached picture file, it does not work. It is a really important one for my sites. I would appreciate it if you could help me solve the problem.

1. the site :

2. plugin :