The post thumbnail size is different on the blog page in Fixer theme

I am trying to replicate the blog homepage of the fixer theme but it’s not the same. I am trying to get this page to look like this page I just want it to look the way that the articles are laid out.

  • Kris
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    Hi chris,

    Hope you are well today. Thank you for Support Access.

    Upfront recognizes the size of the photo and if it exceeds certain values it adds an extra class in css “uf-post-sticky” which causes the box to become panoramic to fit the photo.

    I installed Custom CSS plugin and added a code which fix that in desktop mode (mobile is good):

    @media all and (min-width:1080px) {

    .page-id-23690 li.uf-post-sticky {
    width: 330px !important; margin:0 10px !important;

    .page-id-23690 li.uf-post {
    width: 330px !important; margin:0 10px !important;

    .page-id-23690 .uposts-part.thumbnail img {height:100% !important; width:auto !important; min-width:330px !important; margin:0 !important;}


    We try to not teach users to use the !Important attribute in css, but in this case it was necessary.

    Kind Regards,


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