The preview function doesn't work as it should

Hi, I'm having a spot of bother with the quick-status plugin. It seems that the preview ajax respond isn't working. I have turned all other plugins off and have a separate site ,so I would think that there isn't much that could interfere.

I have the latest wordpress version installed(3.2.1). Any ideas on why it doesn't work


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    That suggests that either the Javascript isn't being included or that something is interfering with it.

    So, check that all the plugins files have successfully uploaded and that they have the appropriate permissions and group/owner settings.

    As you've de-activated all plugins, try it with the default theme as themes can quite often cause Javascript problems in the backend.


  • gertrud
    • New Recruit

    Hi. Thanks for the quick response.

    After looking at the loading of javascripts and changing theme I realised that It had been working all along, after all. It was just that the script couldn't handle the url:s that I put in. =)

    A small bug I found was that if you enter an address and then delete it ,that the title will be the one from the first article that you pasted in and not the one you intended.

    But its not a biggy.

    Thanks for the help

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