The pricing grid on my new site is not showing correctly

The pricing grid on my new site is not showing correctly. The same thing happened with the site yesterday and a support agent had to adjust the CSS. Will you do that for me, please?

  • Sohag Ronjon Dey

    Hi FeliciaDRay,

    Hope you are having a beautiful day. :slight_smile:

    We have gone through your sites and found some settings adjustments and some css tweaks are needed to make the pricing table similar to the old site.

    We showing the pricing table on the page we have enabled "Both sites and user accounts can be registered" under "Registration Settings > Allow new registrations" on

    Network Admin > Dashboard > Settings > Network Settings

    Please check the screenshot

    For similar pricing table style we have selected the last table layout under

    Dashboard > Pro Sites > Pricing Tables > Styles

    and for some style tweaks we have also added the following css in the global css settings of the upfront editor

    /** styling for pricing table **/
    input {
        border: 1px solid #d7d7d7;
        margin: 20px;
    ul.feature-section {
        margin: 0px !important;
    ul.pricing-column {
        margin: 0px !important;
    /** end styling for pricing table **/

    Please check the updates and let us know if you need any further help.


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