the pro site level is not being applied to the blog.

We're having some problems with the Pro Sites plugin. It seems that although PayPal subscriptions are being created and payments are being taken, the pro site level is not being applied to the blog.

Due to another problem, that we have just resolved this week (the PayPal button wasn't displaying on the site) we haven't been able to take new sign-ups via PayPal for some time. However, it has been the case during this time that existing users have contacted us to say their payment has been taken but their blog hasn't upgraded, therefore it isn't a new issue.

We are using the latest version of the Pro Sites plugin and WordPress version 4.7.2.

I have done some testing to try to give as much information as possible, the details are below.

?After processing an upgrade through PayPal (both new and existing sites) the pro site level isn't applied to the blog - the PayPal subscription creation can be seen in the account history for the blog. The actual payment however isn't shown in the account history. The PayPal email is received by both the customer and us. We have verified that payment is taken by disabling the free trial option that we usually have in place.Manually modifying the pro status does work.

As per an old thread I found about similar problems, I have tried re-saving various settings but this had no effect.

With the 'allow free signup' setting selected, when creating a new blog the 30 day free trial we have set wasn't applied, after disabling this option and testing again the free trial was then applied. Not really a problem, but may be relevant.

We selected the 'signup on checkout' option and tested again with a new blog whilst the free trial option was disabled. This had different results in that it pulled the blog address through into the PayPal description (which didn't happen on previous tests - seems quite significant?) and the payment was taken, however this time the blog wasn't even created.

We would really appreciate any help you can offer with this.