The process of cloning to a new site/domain

Pulling my hair out here setting up cloned content on multisite. The idea is to have site 1 hold content that will be syndicated out to all the other sites. Site 2 is the sample site, where we reference the syndicated content by using a custom shortcode [pmacontent id=”20″] where the id is the post ID in site 1. The shortcode queries to site 1 table in the database and replaces the shortcode with the content. This way, if we update the content in the source website, it will autoupdate everywhere.

So I am cloning site 2 to each of the other sites. And using unique domains (with Domain Mapping).

But I can’t seem to get the process down for making this happen over and over in a seamless fashion. ;( Wondering if either you can make a simple video of the steps needed to create a new cloned site that retains the shortcode on it content pages, OR if we can do a screenshare and I’ll record it as we populate a new site. I’ll sure if we did a 10 minute screen share, I’d have this down, but just can’t seem to make it work right without some help.

Yes, I’ve read the Cloner usage instructions and they seem very straight-forward. But I’m not getting the results I want. Can you help?



(Phoenix AZ time, GMT -7)