the protection content keep popping up instead of the registation form

Here’s my problem, I have a memebership site, and all my visitors need to sign up where it show register, they go to the aweber form to sign up. here’s my site, http://

Now, once they complete the form to aweber, the email is in their inbox to be confirmed. They confirm it by clicking the link then they are on a page that tells them to create an account. They click the create an account link, and then it takes them to the wrong page. It’s the protect content page. This is not what I want, it has to be a registration form to sign up.

I really would like an easier way to do this. If you have any suggestion of a better way. Please let me know.

I could show you but I can’t seem to upload screenshot pages. Could you please do the register so you can see better of what I’m talking about.