The redirect behaves differently when a user is already a member of a subscription

Hi. If a user first buys a subscription, they are redirected to the purchase page for the specific membership button that they push. If they are already a member of one subscription and they choose to select another subscription, they are taken to the subscription page instead of the specific purchase page for the membership button that they pushed.

The behavior should be consistent to avoid confusion. When a user thinks they have selected the item they want to purchase, they should not be offered a choice again.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Gary,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your question!

    Instead of having a user sign up for 2 memberships, it is best to lay out your memberships so the upgraded version(if that's how you have it) includes all the features of the one below it, then they can just unsubscribe and upgrade instead of trying to subscribe to two memberships at the same time, which isn't possible with Membership because it would likely cause conflicts between the access levels.

    Would that work for your situation?

    Once a member is all signed up with a subscription then they can manage that subscription on the /subscriptions page.

    Or you can create your own manage subscription page if you had a better setup in mind :slight_smile: all you have to do is place this shortcode on the page so the subscription options come up:


    Hope this helps and hopefully I didn't misunderstand the question! Look forward to hearing back Gary.

    All the best,

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