The "Register" button does not work with the "Social" theme, and like button err


I am using 'Ultimate Facebook' with Buddypress with the Social plugin, and encounter 2 errors:

1. The theme's ' Sign-up here »' link redirects to ''.

This URL does show a facebook registration button and a registration form. When Clicking the registration with facebook I get a form that is filled with my Facebook details. Submitting the form does perform the registration, but it doesn't perform the login, so it redirects back to the login page. In the login page the user is asked for his username and password, which off course he doesn't have, thats why he tried registering via Facebook.

On the other hand, the dashboard login link, which points to '' works just fine. Do you know what can cause that?

2. The like button
In the 'Ultimate Facebook' plugin settings, I have checked the 'Show on Front page posts' options, and it caused every activity update to have a 'Like' button next to it. The thing is that the likes don't work, and Facebook returns an error that says that the page (pointed by the like button ) could not be reached. This is a false error, because the page is available, and even the Facebook debugger shows no errors.

Do you know what might cause that?

For example, This is the error I get:
The page at could not be reached.

The page is available. And this is the debugger's test that returns the 200 Response Code:

Can you please advice?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    I am using 'Ultimate Facebook' with Buddypress with the Social plugin,

    Sorry which Social plugin do you refer to, there are a number of them available including our own.

    Whilst trying to use the login I get Invalid 'client_id'. can you please check all your credentials.

    Othere login links show on FB with an error An error occurred. Please try later

    Did you turn off the like buttons, I see that page but don't see the FB options there?


  • rbahumi

    Hi @Timothy,

    I am sorry for being a bit vague with my description earlier. I meant the Social theme.

    Regarding the second issue (Like buttons):
    It was solved when I refreshed the Facebook app's keys (as you suggested), and unchecked the app's Sandbox mode.

    I did encountered a new problem though...
    I am working with BuddyPress, and the Social plugin. The Like Button position is set to "After the contents of your post". The thing is, that when I click the "Like" button on activity updates, It appends the picture of the user, but only shows the top frame of the picture. (The html element that contains the image is not high enough).

    Regarding the first issue with the registration:
    I tried registering a new user again, and I am getting this behavior:

    1. I am being redirected to a page ( on my website, that is loaded in a mess order.
    2. The registration does not automatically login to the website.
    3. The registration succeeded, but there is no indication of that.
    4. I am getting a notice (working in Debug mode) that:
    Notice: Undefined property: Facebook::$registration in /home2/globalio/public_html/test/wp-content/plugins/wpmu-dev-facebook/lib/class_wdfb_model.php on line 252

    When I checked that, there is a conditional operator, over '$this->fb->registration' without checking if the class property isset :
    $reg = (array)($this->fb->registration ? $this->fb : $this->fb->getSignedRequest());

    I have added the isset() check, and it fixed the messy load of the wp-signup.php page I described in 1:
    $reg = (array)( ( isset($this->fb->registration) && $this->fb->registration ) ? $this->fb : $this->fb->getSignedRequest());

    My questions are:
    1. Is there a way to show the user indication that the registration succeeded?
    2. Can I add automatic login after the registration? Or maybe redirect him/her to the login page, only showing the login option? (hidding the registration button)
    3. In addition, and this might be related directly to Facebook, not to your plugin... why does a user that is already registered, can still click the register login option, and see his own profile picture under the registered friend list?

  • rbahumi


    I am testing that now and I still see some issues.

    The website I am working on is with your Social theme.

    The first check I did, was testing the "Ultimate Facebook" plugin, with a user that is already registered but is not logged in. Going to the social theme's registration page, and hitting the Facebook's "Register" button, I am getting the automatic form for registration - as if I was never registered for the website.

    Continuing the registration process, redirects me back to "" without logging me in. In addition, the following notice is shown (I am working in debug mode):

    Notice: update_usermeta is deprecated since version 3.0! Use update_user_meta() instead. in /home/rbahumi/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2628

    I checked that, and it is your plugin that uses update_usermeta() twice in wpmu-dev-facebook/lib/class_wdfb_model.php.

    The second check I did, was with an unregistered user. It generated these 2 notices:

    Notice: Undefined property: Facebook::$registration in /home/rbahumi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpmu-dev-facebook/lib/class_wdfb_model.php on line 252

    Notice: update_usermeta is deprecated since version 3.0! Use update_user_meta() instead. in /home/rbahumi/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2628

    And even though the new user was created, I am not being automatically logged in. Going to the login page manually, and trying to login via facebook, I'm being asked for more permission (attached screenshot), a stage that should have happened during the registration process.

  • Vladislav


    The issue with notices should be fixed in the latest plugin release (v2.2.2, just released). As for the registration, the registration with Facebook is a two-step process, as the form can also be used to provide regular information, without requiring your users to be logged into Facebook. There is a "quick registration" scenario, in which the standard Facebook login/connect button can double as quick registration button too. In this scenario, your users logged in (and registered before that, if need be) when they click the login button.

  • rbahumi

    Hi @VeBailovity,

    Thank you for your replay.

    The way it is now:

    1. When a user hit the login button (without being registered first), he is prompt with the screen shown in facebook_login.png. This is a single step login process, the user is never required to provide any other details in future login attempts.

    2. When a user registered for the site, not only he is not being automatically logged in, he will also have to go through another permission authentication step (attached login_after_registration.png). - which users do not really like......

    The only advantage I see to the second option, is that by registration, I can obtain the user's detail automatically, embedded to his profile.

    My question is - will it be possible, to add that registration step of obtaining the user details, in a different stage? (after the first login. For example, a Facebook sync button in the user's profile).


  • aecnu

    Greetings Roei,

    Thank you for your additional feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

    However, I think you missed the update Ve the lead developer of the Ultimate Facebook plugin was trying to tell you about because our system indicates that you have indeed not grabbed the new version of the plugin version 2.2.2

    Please be so kind to update this plugin and let us know if it resolves your issues.

    Looking forward to hearing about your results after the update no matter what they are but of course hoping for the best.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Vladislav


    The full registration option is useful if you also wish to allow your users to request a blog for them right on the registration, or if you require a more complex registration process, integrated with Facebook (e.g. exposing more fields in the form, or some sort of custom processing). Either way, it is possible for your users to fill in or update their data from their Facebook profiles by clicking on the "Fill my profile with Facebook data" link, which can be found in the WordPress profile Dashboard widget (if you enabled it in the plugin widget settings), and/or on their BuddyPress profile editing pages.

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