The Role of Teacher of BuddyPress ScholarPress Courseware

I use wordpress 3.4.1, BuddyPress 1.5.6, bbPress 2.1, Akismet 2.5.6, BuddyPress Docs 1.1.24, Contact Form 7 ver3.2, Invite Anyone 1.0.14, New Blog Templates 1.6.1, Private BuddyPress 1.0.4, Pro Sites (Formerly Supporter) 3.2.2, ThreeWP Activity Monitor 2.9, User Role Editor 3.7.1, WPMU DEV Dashboard 3.1.2, WP Multibyte Patch 1.6.2 .

And I added BuddyPress ScholarPress Courseware 0.9.6 on them. As far as teacher role is operated only by me, the theacher role works well. But when I assign the teacher role to somebody other than administrator of the childsite of wordpress which is for buddypress, the role cannot be changed. When usual member who assigned the teacher role from their member profile of the buddypress through courseware, the one who assigned as a teacher cannot be a teacher, Courseware Dashboard still says
Welcome Student.

What I want to know is that how I can give some specific users the role of the teacher, and let them do teacher role on the website.

Thanks in advance