The rudeness of the WPMU update plugin

I can’t believe what you guys have done here. Its like a textbook example of “how to piss off your customer.”

I just installed the SEO plugin on a blog. I paid money to you. It’s not like you’re doing me a favor.

So now, in order to get it to work and not to be annoyed by endless pink prompts on every page in my install, I have to:

1 Download update plugin

2 install it

3 put in my API

4 set up settings so it doesn’t continue to annoy me

Guys – I get it. You want make sure that your customers know all the latest, etc. But has it ever occurred to you that some people don’t care? We just want to install one plugin and get the site done, then move on to the next one. We don’t want or need to know every time someone writes a line of code.

The fact that I can turn off updates shows that someone there knows this. So if I can turn it off, why not give me the option of not installing it? I have to do this every time I set up a site with one of your plugins?

I guess you guys think this is good marketing. It’s not. It’s intrusive and rude. I could see it if I was using a free plugin. But I paid for this. I paid for my vendor to force me to do extra work so he can market to me.