The share button from ultimate Facebook is still not working?

Users can still not share content on Facebook?


  • aristath

    Hello again @kevin, I hope you're well today!

    So far you've created 404 Topics in these forums and posted 1,539 replies.
    We've talked about these things before... In order to get faster responses and solutions to your issues, when you ask for someone to help you, you should give them as many information as you can This way we'll be able to help you faster and more efficiently.
    And I don't mean a screenshot with text like you usually do, but tell us what you've done, what you've already tried to resolve it and how the issue came up.
    Have you tried what we've suggested you always try when you have issues like that? Did you try switching to the default WordPress theme (twentyforteen) and disable all other plugins on your site to test for conflicts?

    A link to that page on your website where users are unable to share content on Facebook would be really useful.


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