the shortcode for one of my courses is not displaying as it should


If you look at this page:

You notice that it had four tabs. Each tab has one course. All the four tabs have their course content displayed using shortcodes like this:

[course_title course_id="114235"]

[course_featured_video course_id="114235"]

[course_structure course_id="114235" show_title="no"]

[course_join_button course_id="114235"]

And I am using the CoursePress Pro theme.

Please open the page above, and see each of the 4 tabs. The first 3 display beautifully, but the fourth one makes the entire course structure a hyperlink!!! I have tried my best to understand why this happened to no avail. I know it is not the tab etc that is a problem because when I change the course ID in the shortcodes on the 4th tab to another course, it displays well, but when I replace the IDs with the Quantum course, it displays as you see it.

Any ideas on how to solve this please?

I have enabled Support Access.

Thanks for a great plugin and help!