The slideshow does not support list

On my website,, in "Simple expression parser" section of the slide, I have a list as one below:

By using this simple to use expression parser, you can create robust application that allow any kind of customization, for example:

<li>Add conditional statements.</li>
<li>Customize operators. Add/edit existing operators, change behaviour of operators.</li>
<li>Programatically add variables before and on the run time.</li>
<li>Custom own functions with almost unlimited amount of arguments.</li>
<li>Using trig functions: sine, cosine, tangents, and also: arc sine, arc cosine, arc tangent.</li>
<li>Supports almost all of the functions available in System.Math, such as: pow, round, sqrt, rem, abs, and more!</li>
<li>Culture independent. No matter on what machine the library is being used - the same configurations for everyone.</li>
<li>Decimal operations.</li>
<li>And much more!</li>

When I look at the code, it appears that the "ul,li" tags are present, but for some reason, they do not show up.