The Smushing doesn't smush my pics anymore


In a previous ticket, I reported that my bulk smushing was stalled.

Now, when I upload a pic from my library and smush it and publish it, in the browser, the pics are fad, washed out as you can see by comparing the original pics to the screen shot.

Thank you

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Kamel!

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    The WP Smush Pro plugin offers different options of optimizations. I checked your site and I see that you got "Super-smush my images" option enabled as well as "Convert PNG to JPEG".

    Both these tools may cause a slight decrease in picture quality so it depends on the kind of images and a character of your site whether you would want to use them or not. Therefore, if you care for maintaining the quality of the images while still optimizing them:

    1) if you are uploading PNG pictures, you may want to disable the "Convert PNG to JPEG" option; it doesn't matter though if you are uploading only JPEG images

    2) you would most likely want to turn off the "Super-smush my images" option

    This will give you less savings on image sizes but will not decrease their quality.

    Additionally, you may also want to exclude some specific image sizes from being smushed by unchecking selected checkboxes in "The following image sizes will be optimised by WP Smush:" section. That's handy if you, for example, want to show small optimized thumbnails on site and full-size full-quality pictures in a lightbox.

    Kind regards,

  • Kamel
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Adam.

    Thank you for your answer but it doesn't solve my issue.

    Let me know if I understand your services properly.
    - If Wordpress washed out my pictures, by using, my pictures on my posts should automatically get their original quality back, correct?
    I mean, if I check my old post, the pictures should look better. Correct?

    Because that's not the case. Check this post out :

    Thank you.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Kamel!

    I apologize for causing confusion, I wasn't specific enough.

    Changing settings will not "de-optimize" images that were previously optimized.

    WP Smush Pro can do "two types" of optimization: a "loseless" one that will not affect the quality of your images at all but will also give less savings and a "lossy" compression that will give better results in terms of savings (file size) but may sometimes slightly decrease image quality.

    As long as original images has not been kept, that is the irreversible process because of the way the image compression works. It's related to file formats' standards that are used for storing images.

    That said, what I suggested should prevent any images that you upload to your site in future (from the moment these changes were applied) from being "washed out"/loosing quality. It won't however "get original quality back" for already optimized images.

    If these image were smushed (using "super-smushing" which must have been the case, otherwise they shouldn't loose quality at all) the only way to improve their quality would be either

    - upload them again via FTP to correct folder, overwriting relevant existing images


    - to upload original/high quality images again to Media Library (the usual way) while "super-smushing" and "PNG to JPEG conversion" options are disabled and then manually replace them in relevant post/pages.

    Kind regards,

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