The Store's subpages don't appear in my pages list? How do I access them?

I've installed MarketPress, and it automatically created the store page and sub-pages i.e. cart, checkout etc. But the sub-pages do not appear in my list of pages to edit. Only the main "store" page is listed in my pages menu.

  • Jorgen Juel

    Hi @steven,
    I see your problem, I had the same issue myself.
    As it appears to me, the "store" page somehow contains all the subpages aswell. In my theme they are displayed as a sub-menu using the hover event.

    So when you select the store menu and place it somewhere, it will automatically add all the sub pages. The product items can be added through the container located further down the page.

    I hope this helps

    Jørgen Juel

  • Steven

    Thanks for the reply, but I'm referring to the page menu from the back end i.e. where you have the option to add new or edit an existing page like the home or about pages etc.

    On this menu only the "store" page appears, the "Product", "Shopping Cart", and "Order Status" pages should be listed here as sub-pages to the store, but they are missing.

    As a result I have no way to apply common theme settings like full width, left or right sidebars, and footers etc.

    I can't even access the page to add / remove short-codes to customize the page since the page isn't available in the standard page menu.

  • PC

    Hello Steven,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    The subpages are virtual pages which are created dynamically so they are not available to be edited through the backend.

    Here is a guide to Themeing MarketPress : which should get you started. It will need some custom work if you want to make any mods to the pages.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

    Sales &Support

  • Steven

    "Developed from the ground up to be simple..." apparently doesn't apply to this plugin. So much for the "powerful plugins that you can use anywhere", Oh except in our plugin since our sub-pages are virtual.

    I guess you're not lying in your advertising copy since it really is 100% customizable - SINCE I HAVE TO PRACTICALLY CODE IT MYSELF!

    And this "Unlike other WordPress eCommerce plugins MarketPress won’t make you want to give up when it comes to developing a beautiful site." is just plain lying.

    Thank you for the link, I'm sure the documentation provided is much more clear and concise.

  • PC

    Hello Steven,

    I understand what you are saying.

    The plugins work as advertised however when it comes to custom modification there are some limitations.

    The Shopping cart and Order status pages are not physical pages else there would not have been any issues like this. That is the way its designed. However, we never say no to any feature requests which are voted upon by our users. You can create a thread in the "Features and Feedback" area and depending on the number of votes and popularity of the request, its picked and developed.

    I am sure that the guide will give you a good direction.

    Sales &Support

  • tbohannon

    I have the same problem....I purchased and installed MarketPress.

    The slugs are setup as the instructions say, but I can't browse to the Checkout, Products..none of the "dynamic virtual pages" that are generated by MP are appearing.

    I added a product item, click on the buy now. it attempts to go to /shopping-cart and all I see is a blank whitepage.

    I paid for Premium access to this plugin, the documentation is thin and I need to get this running as in now...but that obviously is not going to happen.

  • PC

    Hey there @tbohannon

    Greetings and thanks for your post. Sorry that you did not get any attention on this matter. This ticket was originally assigned to me and the time you posted, I was away due to a family emergency hence I could not answer it.

    That is why we always suggest our members not to post on very old threads, posting a new thread instead helps a lot and is speedy.

    Sorry again ! Glad you got this sorted out though :slight_smile:

    is what I always suggest to our members whenever they need to check for a plugin conflict, you can download that and share it too !

    Thanks for being a great WPMU DEV member and have a nice day !

    Sales &Support

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