The text change in the branding plugin are not working with a palce

I tried to change the text on the article comment space without success.
Could you please take a look?


Comment area text:
LEAVE A REPLY (logged in)
Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * (logged out)
Name (logged out)

I will grant access right now.

Best Regards

  • Vaughan

    Hi ro0t,

    Hope you're well?

    If you viewed the page source by right clicking over the text element.

    For example LEAVE A REPLY

    you will see it's actually 'Leave a Reply' in the source.

    CSS is actually used to transform it to uppercase.

    So i've edited the text change to 'Leave a Reply'

    This has now changed the text :slight_smile:

    I've also changed the publication text too. (I had to split that into 2 parts, but you'll see if you check the edits in the text change module)

    Also, as you are using cache, whenever you make any changes, be sure to purge all the cache otherwise logged out visitors will not see the changes as logged out visitors get a cached page served to them.

    Hope this helps

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