The 'Wordpress Membership' plugin is not showing our 'index.php' after enabled

Hello there WPMU,

My website address is ( and I've disable my 'coming soon' plugin so you can see it.
We've installed and configured the 'Wordpress Membership Premium' plugin on an install of 'Wordpress 3.0.4', according to the installation documentation you provide on your website.

I've created a 'stranger' level & a 'member level', along with a free 'member subscription', and I have activated my levels and subscription. I've modified my options according to your install documentation and I'm having a issue.

My issue is this:
When I 'enable' the membership plugin it somehow looses my index.php file entirely (aka. my homepage). The other rules that I've applied with this plugin have worked, but this is one problem that I can't figure out. I've attached two screenshots with this post so you can see what I'm seeing...the second one is with the membership plugin 'disabled' (how it should look) & the first one is with it 'enabled'.

I look forward to solving this issue, thanks in advance for the help!