The wpmudev domain selling solution supplication

Well, another huge supplication for us multisite owners...

The plesk/cpanel domain names / mail management system...

Outhere at this time we need a solution as Hostbill or whmcs but there are too important for a multisite : they intend to sell hosting AND domains.

What we need :

- A huge plugin connected to major domain resellers to directly sell domain names directly in the site admin panel or in the front end

- A connection with plesk/cpanel to PARK the domain on top of the concerned one (that the easy part, a simple 2 line code does this using jason or cpanel API'S)

- and optional code line to insert the hoster api code to insert the domain in the secondary name server

- A customer admin pannel to modify domain parameters (also transfert options if the custumer wants to leave/come in)

- a customer email option panel to creates his mail adress. easy part also with api's.

- a connection with Pro Site for seting up options that include or dot a domain and a quota of email adresses

- a little option to directly map the domain on the concerned site

- and the killer one an option (connected to pro sites also) to insert the domain as a private in multidomains to allow the user to create subsites on his domain.

- and of course the wpmudev api connection for security and plugin protection. Optionnally you could be the centralized domain resellor, meaning we could have nices prices because of the huge number of domains you will sell to us at a very good price of course :wink:

There are outhere 4 free open sources scripts that does this but for the whole hosting solution. The includes all the necesarry code to connect with major domain reselles as hexonet and so on.

Well, this is not for a raccoon i thnik this one will need... well... an elephant ? :wink:

Commercially speaking this plugin may totally change our lives.... and yours...

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Wow. That's quite a list ya have there :slight_smile:

    It's tricky, as there are so many different hosting environments (you mention cPanels apis, but there's also plesk and probably directadmin to also consider). Then there's also a whole heap of domain providers to integrate with as resellers.

    It's all doable, I suppose, but there's a ton to think about with it. What do other folks think? Do you agree with this? What features/vendors would you like to see?


  • brandscale
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Actually for starters I'd love to see a plugin that specifically enables the listing and sale of domain names that I already own, maybe an extension of marketpress?

    How I see this working is something like this:
    1. I would like to import a list of all of my domain names as products in marketpress, along with pricing, tags, descriptions, etc.
    2. The domain names can then be listed in a customizable table/list on my primary site, as well as every other site in my multisite network.
    3. Each domain in the list will have a "make an offer" or "buy it now" button, and/or a link to the actual domain name itself.
    4. When someone directly visits a domain name that I'm selling, they will land on a page that includes a "this domain name is for sale" message, along with an "add to cart" button, a "contact us" form, etc.
    5. The ability to sell hosting and domain names as reseller using GoDaddy's API

    I can add detail if anyone else thinks this is interesting or useful. Also, if my ideas are too far off from the original poster's I'm happy to create it as a new request.


  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper

    I encourage you to have a look on that :

    and here :
    all those solutions works with cpanel, plesk, and others, and integrate registrar apis.

    Well, just my 2 cents, but this kind of huge thing i think requires a specific business model, as buddydress or market press, since this could be a totally separate service. I think either it should be !

    That would bring you also many customers to main wpmudev site since that would work with pro site, domain mapping, multi domains....

    The hostbill model is interesting. recurring licence, closed and cryted code (exept css files) very user friendly (imagine that if I tell you that this is really user friendly ^^)

    The commercial model can be thought in 2 way :

    - hostbill like, we are totally independant to choose / setup domain resellers
    - or you could imagine to be the centralized domain resellor which make the thing easier to set up and give us the advantage that the huge number of domain sold will make you have very low prices.

    Anyway, hostbill COULD just work as mentioned but require some custom code / module to :

    - park the domain on top of the right one, since there is in this case NO server account creation
    - manage email adress creation, and this is not design to do it at all since there is account creation and the customer can create them in his server panel.

    having a "buy your domain" in the admin interface could just be a killing plugin. A friendly pannel to manage "My domain", "my e mails", the "do you intend to create other sites on this domain ?" thing, we already have the support system so no reason to duplicate it (another marketing tip to register here in case of separate service ^^)

    Of course that suppose a billing service, which, by the way dear aaron, misses a lot in Pro site. This is a pro solution, that require pro services so official bills, vat management. (In fact this also can be a pro site module ^^) and of course several payement gateway. The paypal dictature here ( :wink: ) must fall !

    And then we could at least be concurrent of which offers this service.... And you could set this up also in edublog (the killing argument ^^)

    even thought for security reason to hard code server access in a config file assuming the possibility of a wp network hack.

    I dont agree that should also sell hosting solutions for godaddy or any other ISP. There are solutions for that taht work fine (hostbill, whmcs and others) dont reinvent the wheel.

    The goal is to sell domains and mails for a specific wordpress multisite network on dedicated servers, not server accounts or hosting solution for others !

    Totally +1 with the idea of "this domain is for sale" thing. Good idea ! any blogger / siter could resell his domain directly in the network. Good point !
    could be an optional module of the solution (diabolic laugh ^^ )

  • bmwijaya
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    This week, I just think that domain selling would be a good idea as additional service beside WPMU, +1 for this nice feature which suggested by Aphrodite. As have mentioned by Mason James that is all doable, let's play then :slight_smile:

  • John
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    This is a massive list with a ton of great ideas. Maybe there could be some sort of plugin/trigger inside of Pro-sites that allows for some of this functionality.

    A plugin to tie into DNS settings for email etc would be great as well.

    +1 for Plesk

  • jordanskole
    • New Recruit

    im gonna +1 for namecheap. I know they have an API that I have been meaning to look at independently I just havent gotten around to it yet. Definitely it would be awesome to see everything integrate into dm plugin so users could purchase domain names right there.

    I think a HUGE sticking point is users misunderstanding of how the internet works. I constantly receive clients that say "well i bought the website already" when I try and explain it to them they are boggled.

    Not much you can do about that, but just to be finished with talking them through godaddy stuff would be great.

  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper

    well, there is now the wpms integration solution here. But still remain several issues hard to solve

    - auto mapping of the domaine
    - email adress management

    but that does not depend on this plugin but on wpms.

    did not test the solution in fact at the moment :slight_smile:

  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper

    non and that is the major issue : any domain, even if configured on hoster panel with the correct IN A entry MUST be parked on main domain in cpanel.

    This CANNOT be automated at this time by the user, that could enter in id "domain mapping" options the name of his domain that could be automatically parked from here...

  • leon
    • New Recruit


    I manually configure these features by adding options to admin menus using menu editor pro plugin which allows me to add and external link to the c-panel of my reseller whmcs. Here my users can tend to everything related to their e-mail accounts and I can configure DNS settings and domain mapping etc for the network. I have had to reskin the whmcs front end and remove surplus hosting options which are offered as standard by my hosting provider.It means lots of admin for me and 2 logins for my users but works well enough for now.

    If the above feature was to be developed I for one would happily pay. Maybe a communal login between the network and the whmcs would allow for a seamless user journey. This must be achievable??? What do I know, I am not a developer.

  • GeekMaster
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    +1 I'm looking for a plugin that sells domains too and can integrate with the major domain name providers and work with Prosites. Any updates on that?

    It has been 3 years since the time of this request, Was there any progress on that project?

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