The wpmudev domain selling solution supplication

Well, another huge supplication for us multisite owners…

The plesk/cpanel domain names / mail management system…

Outhere at this time we need a solution as Hostbill or whmcs but there are too important for a multisite : they intend to sell hosting AND domains.

What we need :

– A huge plugin connected to major domain resellers to directly sell domain names directly in the site admin panel or in the front end

– A connection with plesk/cpanel to PARK the domain on top of the concerned one (that the easy part, a simple 2 line code does this using jason or cpanel API’S)

– and optional code line to insert the hoster api code to insert the domain in the secondary name server

– A customer admin pannel to modify domain parameters (also transfert options if the custumer wants to leave/come in)

– a customer email option panel to creates his mail adress. easy part also with api’s.

– a connection with Pro Site for seting up options that include or dot a domain and a quota of email adresses

– a little option to directly map the domain on the concerned site

– and the killer one an option (connected to pro sites also) to insert the domain as a private in multidomains to allow the user to create subsites on his domain.

– and of course the wpmudev api connection for security and plugin protection. Optionnally you could be the centralized domain resellor, meaning we could have nices prices because of the huge number of domains you will sell to us at a very good price of course :wink:

There are outhere 4 free open sources scripts that does this but for the whole hosting solution. The includes all the necesarry code to connect with major domain reselles as hexonet and so on.

Well, this is not for a raccoon i thnik this one will need… well… an elephant ? :wink:

Commercially speaking this plugin may totally change our lives…. and yours…