the wpmudev jedi setup challenge

Hi guys,

I'm new to the wpmudev system, I need some help understanding the set up of wpmu(wpmudev) / whmcs..

in a nut shell this is where I'm at,

I have a dedicated cpanel/whmcs clean install set up and configured (dedicated hardware not VPS)..

So far I have WPMU up and running with WPMUDEV Dashboard installed. I have plug-ins and a theme running (its basic for now but the system is up and ready to go), I also have a configured whmcs complete with domain registrar / payment gateway and everything else needed to accept accounts, purchase domain names and accept payments (I just need to know how to link it all together with the WPMU system..

whmcs integration and provisioning plug-ins are installed configured & tested..

(in fact I just finished downloading and installing locally all the plug-ins)

I have several test domains registered & ready to throw into the WPMU system (this is to test domain mapping etc, I will use these as test clients wanting to create sites within my WPMU)

I am also skilled in the secret art of coding whmcs (on a smarty template level) if needed.

So basically what I want to do as a first step, is set up the site to accept new site registrations so that clients can create and map a domain to it (the overall idea to sell domains along with sites (I would assume this creates an account not only in WPMU but also within whmcs, I also imagine the creation of products within whmcs will be needed)

that would be part one,

If anyone is willing to accept the Jedi challenge of helping me along this set up that would be wonderful, I am well known for my gratitude.

Any suggestions or doc's you think I should consume, let me know, I'm a fast learner and I want to get this set up over night so that I can start creating new content not only for my WPMU projects but also for the WPMUDEV community ..

Thank you for your time.

ps: please excuse me if I have posted this into the wrong area of the forums, I will become familiar with the landscape of it in time.


  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hey Cain,

    Welcome to the WPMU DEV Community!

    It seems like you know what you are doing and how to do it.

    I am really not sure how can I help you at this point, I could send you the plugins page to check their usage guide, but it seems you have that figured out.

    I didn't quite understand are you going to use the integrated option to sell domains with Enom in Domain Mapping, or you are going to use something else in WHMCS?

    Here is the links to the plugins, you can check their usage page, if you didn't already.

    P.S. It might be better for "Advanced" not "Begginer", but don't worry at all about this. :slight_smile:


  • Cain
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Ivan,

    Im just setting up the products in whmcs and running through (slowly this time, lol) the whmcs intergration guide, so far so good.

    re: Domain Names:

    I have an account with an Australian Registrar, and i have a "few" lol .. domains, already with those guys so i was hoping this system would allow me to use that registrar, when i found out that the back end is whmcs based ... omg yes .. very happy about that flexibility. As far as changing dns zone files etc, thats not much of an issue here if needed.

    while i finish the setup on the back end of whmcs for the WPMU site, what would be the best approach, front end in regard to getting a "register or login" going within WPMU, is there a specific plugin that would handle the PRIMARY sign up for clients to create an account/site? (keep in mind im savvy all round with most things including a standard WP site, but the WPMU is all new, though its not so much different from a WP standard site, just with more tools)

    i was looking at the FaceBook login plugin as well, since i have a growing "fan base" .. lol on facebook, so that would be nice to include within the PRIMARY sign up.

    anyhow enough waffle, I appreciate your time Ivan :wink: i gotta keep pushing, i want this running complete by tomorrow..


  • Cain
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Does anyone have any suggestions about good business themes, (we need more themes aimed at hosting .. :wink:

    Dave (staff at wpmudev) suggested a theme in the works, beta perhaps, any info that at all ?

    re: wpmudev install,
    whmcs integration done.
    face book login done.
    pro sites done.

    still pushin .. :wink:


  • Cain
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi guys just a quick question,
    Does WPMUDEV develop custom software for the system if requested ?

    eg: i see a few things already that could enhance your Australian customer base..

    Australian payment gateways, eg: Aussie Bank Merchant plugins etc

    for example, already i can see a need for the "Membership plugin" to add new Asutralian based payment gateways, the quickest way around this would be to either develop a XML payment gateway directly to the banks (in this case Nation Australia Bank) and either add it to the "Membership plugin" OR ... just greate an option with each of your plugins to allow whmcs to handle the gateway..

    anyhow just random thoughts of the top of my head, its very late here (5:10 am)


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey there Cain,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Sounds like you have everything setup with WHMCS now correct? :slight_smile:

    Dave (staff at wpmudev) suggested a theme in the works, beta perhaps, any info that at all ?

    You bet, Dave was likely referring to Upfront :slight_smile: our brand new theme framework that is coming out soon. Dave may have already linked you to it but you can checkout the latest version of the beta here:

    If you're looking for just a nice general theme then you can browse our current themes here:

    Keep in mind, SimpleMarket is the only responsive one of that bunch; however, Upfront and all of it's child themes will be completely responsive when they are officially released :slight_smile:

    for example, already i can see a need for the "Membership plugin" to add new Asutralian based payment gateways, the quickest way around this would be to either develop a XML payment gateway directly to the banks (in this case Nation Australia Bank) and either add it to the "Membership plugin" OR ... just greate an option with each of your plugins to allow whmcs to handle the gateway..

    I can add this as a feature request for ya :slight_smile: we don't get too many requests for Australian specific payment gateways. We have Stripe in Protected Content, which supports Australia, if maybe that gateway is more attractive for you?

    anyhow just random thoughts of the top of my head, its very late here (5:10 am)

    That's the most dangerous time to be thinking :p luckily it's just 2am for me. This post might have been different if it was 5am... less smilies maybe lol.

    Hope you're having a great day Cain!


  • Cain
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Tyler,

    Hope your travelling well bud?

    I checked out the upfront theme, its not bad. ill keep an eye on that one for sure.

    I also noticed one small thing within the whmcs integration Account plugin its more of a cosmetic thing really,

    Displays the current logged in WHMCS user's account information. If no user is logged in it will display a login form and Knowledgebase search.

    this plugin should just drop the knowledge base part, the users can just search the base anyhow from the other area's within the client portal.

    in fact, is there anyway we can contribute etc to the plugins at all ?
    UPDATE: nevermind i just saw this ..

    in regards to the progression of the set up,

    I just acquired a new server purely for the purpose of the WPMU project, everything is set up but I am still having issues with the domain mapping, I have two more things I'm going to try today before I catch up with Ash and the rest of the lads from WPMUDEV.

    I did notice something missing within one of the set up docs in regards to WHMCS provisioning, which probably needs clarifying, no doubt it would catch a few people out if they are new to it all, especially whmcs.

    Doc in question:

    Doc Issue:
    confusing information in step,

    Required Domain: We don’t require a domain in this instance, so we can leave that unchecked.

    I found this not to be the case, it DOES need to be checked, in order to collect domain name or even just basic site name information from the user.

    later within this same doc, there is an image indicating that the box or option was used, else you wouldn't see that step in the order or cart, this could cause confusion for people when setting up the whmcs provisioning plugin.

    or maybe I just still haven't got it yet and I'm "doing it wrong" .. lol

    anyhow back to it, the code doesn't write it's self,

    oh btw, the reason I was asking about the payment gateways is because some people use whmcs with bank merchant accounts, directly, its cheaper in the long run and your not waiting around days just to get your funds, like you do with the international middle man, so to speak. Anyone can use a credit card online, you don't always need to use paypal etc, This is all, of course on the basis that your serious about making money online...


  • Cain
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    OK ... I surrender ... Sorta ... lol

    I have a suspicion that I have an .htaccess redirect issue, when I go to log into the sub site, I end up getting redirected to the "create a new" site form on the main site, i dunno anymore ..

    I've spent the last 4 days or so, literally trying everything including the other domain mapping plugin (which didn't work either, that plugin was removed entirely)

    I went with the sub domain option, and a " * " wildcard has been added to the primary DNS zone file for the WPMU record... everything in regards to WHMCS seems ok, it provisions the site so ... I stopped going through the whmcs flow as I problem solved this issue, and just started creating sites from the WPMU SA sites menu ..
    I still cant get it working from doing it that way, I create a site, and I cant even log into the chosen new site URL as the user admin of that site .. this plugin is like a Rubik's Cube on crack ... lol

    Is there any chance at all I can arrange for one of the WPMUDev staff to resolve this with me? So I can push forward (and learn why its not working to help others in the future), I just cant seem to get past this domain mapping thing and its going to make or break the whole idea of using WPMUDev, which kind of sucks because I can see the potential in it..

    ps: I'm willing to give up my first unborn child to achieve this goal ..ya know, just saying .. :slight_smile:


  • Cain
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Im not giving up just yet .....

    for those who are confused by this recent information...

    In regards to your last post Sybre, shows a not found CGI page. So I assume a wildcard is missing somewhere in the setup.

    I'd suggest you add as a Reverse DNS on - This will make sure your customers won't get the CGI page. Some .htaccess work will make sure that they will get the https:// url too.

    ok ill look into the reverse DNS Entry now

    Please add the following line in your wp-config.php file above (define('MULTISITE', true);:
    define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);
    Then that page is visible and you have a whole lot more options for your network!

    double checked that just now, all is set as your suggesting

    Oi, I see that you're re-installing the website (that wasn't needed!). Oh well, let's see how that goes :slight_smile:

    what can I say .... I'm on a mission :wink:


    • Sybre Waaijer
      • The Incredible Code Injector

      Hi @Cain

      Just to make it clear, the reverse DNS won't prevent the CGI page from showing up regarding the subdomain problem.

      It will just let the user go to your website when they enter the IP address.

      For the subdomain problem, you also have to add the * in your cPanel account as a "subdomain" :slight_smile:

      Then you're done regarding this issue! :smiley:

  • Cain
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    OMGAWD !!

    its working ... lol, ill have to do a complete new client experience flow test but its looking good so far...

    thank you again Sybre, i will review and document all of this experience and perhaps do a site dedicated to helping others on this subject ...

    your a legend :grinning:


  • Cain
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    ill mark this install "resolved" and ill post a link later for others looking for more info after i collect all the info from this install, (some of it spread across multiple posts)

    thanks again for the help guys,


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