The wpmudev survey - complementary infos

Hi !

I have completed the survey, but a little too fast and wanted to add this "general" consideration, specially about buddypress plugins.

It seems that the buddypress dev community is sleeping a little, and many essential plugins or enhancements are not up to date and really not usable in production environement. That s a pity but this is the fact.

The lack of support for core or plugins is just annoying, letting many people think that bp is not a really pro usable plugins.

But you guys are pros...

So, although some plugins as Jet Events System, BP Courseware, Friends (a french one !!) are seriously updated, many essentials are not :

- forum extension and enhancements as this bbpress is just... well, sucks :slight_frown: : no smileys, no wisiwyg editor, no structure (cat/sub cat...), no last post link, no.... well it sucks for a "funny" community board.

- BP groupblog, seems to be "forgotten", eitheir it is just, to my mind, essential as wpmudev is for WP :wink:

- bp documents is also forgotten, but really important.

Would be great that you guys, complete your survey with "what -user friendly - buddypress plugins do you need" :slight_smile:

Thanks for attention !