The_author_id how to make a string

Im not an expert with php but i dont get this:S

Whe i do this<?php the_author_ID() ?> i get the value 10

When i type this


$value = get_cimyFieldValue(10, ‘BEDRIJFSNAAM’:wink:;

echo cimy_uef_sanitize_content($value);


I get what i want the value of bedrijfsnaam


$value = get_cimyFieldValue(the_author_ID(), ‘BEDRIJFSNAAM’:wink:;

echo cimy_uef_sanitize_content($value);


it gives me the me the value 10 and not the value of bedrijfsnaam:S

i dont get how this happen:S

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops


    I am no php programmer either

    It does look to me though that you are calling the Actual Author ID which is different than the field value.

    (the_author_ID() will return the actual ID

    Where you are putting this and what you are trying to apply it to will have an affect as well.

    Perhaps some more info? We have some php guys that hang around here that could help if they know what they are looking to do :slight_smile:



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