Theme custom settings are default when i restore a snapshot backup.

Astra Pro custom settings default when I restore a snapshot backup Hi, I Hope you can help, I have taken a backup of my Wordpress multisite and restored it (using snapshot), however, I noticed that all the Astra custom settings have defaulted for the main site and all the sites in the subfolders. For example, the sticky header has gone, also the transparent header, the top head icon is huge and the page title is showing, also the footer has defaulted too.

Kind Regards,

  • Ash

    Hello Gem

    I can see you have some backups in managed backup section, so I assume you restored from managed backup, is that right?

    Also, except theme settings, all other things are okay? If so, then would you please ask the theme developer how they store their data. I am saying because, managed backup takes the entire database and all the files. So, if the settings are stored in database, so it should be restored too.

    Please let us know how the data are stored. Have a nice day!


  • Gem

    HI Ash, Brainstorm support have emailed me back saying the following:

    Hi Gem,

    Thanks for writing in! This doesn't seems to be a issue from our theme or Astra Pro. It is your backup software that didn't grab all setting files while taking backup.

    You should contact the snapshot backup team and ask them regarding the same.

    Surely they will help you.


    I then replied with this:

    ?Hi Deepak,

    Thank you for your reply, the Snapshot team have asked what location & folder the settings files are store in so they can take a closer look. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

    Gem Watson

    They then replied with this:


    Settings are saved in database file itself, so there is no specific file been generated for storing the setting.


  • James Morris

    Hello Gem,

    I hope you are well today.

    I've run through setting up Astra on a test site with only WPMU DEV Dashbarod, Snapshot Pro and the Astra theme installed and configured. I went through the Astra Customizer and changed several settings on my primary domain and another subsite. I then performed a full local Snapshot on both sites, then restored them. Everything worked flawlessly. All settings were retained.

    Could you tell us a little bit more about the process you are using? Are you attempting to migrate the site to a different domain?

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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