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Dear support staff,

I know it will be very troublesome to correct me if I ask you here and believe me, I did a long and thorough search in your forum before i came to this.

I am currently trying to use FrameMarket on a test website, but I am unable to customise top hover and bottom hover, and even title color for the theme. Please help! I’ve tried searching through the theme.php files, but I can’t find maincolor, etc, I can only find font stuff, and even so, I have no clue how to edit them them.

  • aristath
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    Hello SixZehn and since I don’t think we’ve ever talked before, I’d like to personally welcome you to the WPMU-DEV Community. :slight_smile:

    In order to change the styling of the theme you’ll have to edit the stylesheets.

    You’ll find those in the /styles folder of the gridmarket theme. So if you have selected the “red” preset from your dashboard, then you’ll need to edit the red.css file.

    If you don’t know how or need any assistance editing those files don’t hesitate to post back here.

    Cheers, Aristeides.

  • SixZehn
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    Hello Aristath,

    Thanks for the welcome! This is the 2nd time I started visiting WPMU as I was previously lost with the whole parent/ child theme.

    I’m still rather confused with the whole coding system, as this is not my forte :smiley:

    I will try to understand what the red.css (if I am using red preset) and see what I can do if I change it.

    Also do I need to “clear” all the colors if I do the red.css manually?

    And how do I add in more fonts?

    Thank you for all the help. hope to hear from you soon.


  • aristath
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    In case you haven’t dealt with CSS before, I would suggest that you read the guide here:

    CSS is the easiest (and sometimes fun) way to tweak the appearance of a site.

    Before you begin, I would suggest that you use Google Chrome as your browser.

    When you visit your page, press Ctrl+Shift+I

    This will open up the developer panel.

    On the left column you cas see the “markup” of the page, and on the right the CSS.

    Now if you push the little magnifying glass at the bottom, you’ll be able to “examine” the elements of the page you’re currently seeing.

    Just click on the magnyfying glass, then click on an element on your page and you’ll be instantly able to see the css that this element is using. you can “play” by changing the css live, but the changes you make won’t be saved unless you copy them to your actual stylesheet (in our example above, the red.css file).

    I hope that helps a little… from no on it’s all about using your imagination and studying a little. :wink:

    P.S. In case you don’t want to deal with these things, you can always post a request in WPMU-Jobs and some developer will take care of all that for you.



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