Theme Documentation Suggestions that May Help Novices Like Me

I have noticed that a number of Themes have no installation instructions on the WPMUDEV web site. The “read me” txt docs in the down load folders say to refer to the website for installation instructions –but there are none. The themes that I saw that had no instructions are: Sleek Photo; Showcase; Help, Support and FAQ; Edublogs Forums bbPress; WPMU Nelo; WPMU Triden; and, WPMU Dixie. In addition, BP BlogsMU has instructions but the download folder contains an MU-Plugins folder in addition to the usual theme folder and the installation instructions do not address how to handle this. I avoided that theme because of it.

Installation instructions for all of these would be very helpful for novices.

Another theme related issue for me is the custom styling menu. First let me say that they work very well and I am a fan of them. The thing that gives me difficulty and wastes a tremendous amount of time for me is figuring out exactly what each item in that very long menu list controls. I may set a background color, text color, link color, alternative color, etc and I have to go searching to see what it did and where is appears. I don’t doubt that the naming conventions and what controls what are crystal clear to the designer but they are not clear to me. I still haven’t figured out a couple of them. This turns a short custom styling job into something very long and tedious for me.

My suggestion is that placing a screen shot/pdf in the manual that shows an example page(s) with each item labeled with what styling element controls it would be a wonderful help. I suspect that the designer uses the same conventions in most themes, so such a guide could probably be created only once and then used in multiple themes. It would cut my custom styling time down to a fraction of what it is.