theme formating problem

I have another problem. The buddy magazine theme also has a problem. If the post or page contents get too long. it messes up the whole page view. The background and the tables around it gets messed up. I can give you access to my installed mu & buddypress admin area and you'll can look for yourself. I have installed both themes magazine and social one. When I could not resolve the above issue on magazine theme I switched to social.

Plus its a great hassel to configure the css for both themes. I am sorry to say the styles in magazine themes are very ugly. I am talking about the default colo combination and background images.

  • Tammie

    @wolfapache: If you could please give some links to see the content that would be great with the Magazine theme as I'd like to see what your issue is. I'm not sure what you mean by tables around it as it doesn't use tables for the layout hence need to see please. Also, there was a bug a while ago where display was a problem but this was recently fixed so are you using the latest version?

    As for the colours you can easily use any colours you want by setting the site to default.css and then using the theme options to change colours so hopefully you can come up with a scheme you are happy with in that way.

    Hope this helps.

  • wolfapache

    @tlister: Thank you for your reply. Yes I can select any combination of colors but still the supplied styles in my opinion do not look professional for an online business to make a good impression.

    In terms of programming I was stating tables. I would love to show you the contents but I am currently trying to get an issue in bp-social resolved. In featured post, its not showing my image that I am using for a particular post. Please visit and take a look. From there you can contact me by email.

  • Tammie

    @wolfapache: That site seems to be using the social theme not magazine one. Unless I missed something? I'm afraid I'm still a bit puzzled about your tables comment, sorry. The code doesn't use tables.

    As for the colour comment, it's a matter of preference hence we add the default.css allowing anyone to do a variety. Magazine is intended as a dark theme hence the colours. There is also the mono option you may want to try if the colours are the issue that is just tones.

  • wolfapache

    @tlister: May be I misunderstood from the name of the theme. I thought it was a theme to create magazine.

    Yes you are correct that I have social theme active at this moment on my site because I could not find a resolution and got fed-up of that so I switched the theme.

    I have another issue and I am waiting for the support team to assist me before this century ends. In social, my image for the featured post is not working.

    After that issue is resolved I can switch back to magazine theme and then you can have a look at it what I mean.

  • Tammie

    @wolfapache: Afraid I'm not seeing an attached screen image just the social theme active.

    As for the theme it's called Magazine as is a Magazine style so yes it allows you to have a Magazine theme. It is though a dark theme for the default schemes hence the options given. I think default.css is the route that will please you more maybe by customising your options.

    Have you got the latest version of the theme as already stated there was a bug that could have caused what you are describing however until I can see an example I can't comment if it's the same thing. If you can get the latest files (you can download them again) then perhaps that would resolve if you are using an older version. If not ignore my comments as they aren't applicable and please provide a screenshot.

    Hope that helps.

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