Theme Framework

This post is inspired by this post, and is related to a theme request with my two cents regarding features. I hope other users will see the benefit in this and post their opinions and requests as well. By that means perhaps WPMUDEV will release something like this for us.

A Theme Framework with power behind it. Power in speed, in simplicity, optimization, integration and performance. A theme developed with WP and BP in mind. I'm no theme developer, nor do I know what would be overkill along side the most popular and most powerful plugins, especially as it relates to marketing and optimization, but I want to see a theme which is a 'power tool' framework built like a sandbox (blank canvas) with minimal options (designed for administrators and developers perhaps) and with optional plugins to handle the said options.

As far as the plugin aspect of the theme; think OpenHook but more advanced, letting you modify all the custom files in the theme, which will also handle the fine tuning of the theme and design options. My two cents, although not really worth much, is what I would drool over in a theme. I encourage other WPMUDEV members to comment and express an interest (or disinterest if that be the case) so we can discuss the possibilities of such a release.