Theme My Login register page and Buddypress compatibility issue


The buddypress registration form is somehow overriding the registration form that's generated by Theme My Login at /register. That happens whenever I associate /register with the bp registration page, at network admin > settings > buddypress > pages. The only way to have the TML registration form to be displayed is if I don't have any page associated as the bp registration page, which isn't an option, as my users wouldn't be able to use all the parts of my site that need bp and bbpress if they've registered through the TML form.

I've searched the internet for a solution on this, but so far didn't find any. Michelle Schull told me it wouldn't cause me any issues to use TML for the login part and buddypress for registration, so if there's no way to associate the TML registration form with bp, I'll do just that, but I obviously would like to see if I ca get a solution first.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Gabriel, hope you're doing well this evening! :slight_smile:

    You should be able to add the custom fields that BuddyPress provides by adapting the instructions here:

    Though given prior experiences, I would say that this would most likely end up requiring custom development. :slight_smile:

    However, in the midst of considering this, one question's on my mind... TML & BuddyPress basically do the same thing, in that they both provide a WordPress page where a register form is generated.

    So... instead of trying to get TML to work in the fashion you're looking to, why not just use BuddyPress's registration page, and work on the bigger aspects of your site? I seem to recall that you had quite a bit planned for this site, and this site's already been in development for quite some time already.

    If I were in your boots, I'd give this method a try, as it would seem to accomplish what you already need. You'd be welcome though to reach out to the author of that plugin regarding this (he is the creator of it, after all), as it is ultimately a matter between his plugin & BuddyPress.

    Kind Regards,

  • Wheel of Commerce

    Thanks for replying.

    Right now I've set things up in a way that the Register button at the wp bar sends the user to the registration page generated by Theme My Login, which now is at /register.

    As TML offers a function that allows an email with the credentials to be sent to the user when he registers, plus a series of other functions for the registration part, it's an advantage to use its registration form instead of the buddypress one. Tyler told me that even if users register through TML they'll still be registered at buddypress and have access to all "buddypress and bbpress parts" of my site, like the user profile, forums, groups, and so on, the only difference between the registration forms being that when registering through buddypress, users would already have all the "buddypress fields" of their profiles filled in while registering. So, in the end, both are pretty much the same regarding buddypress and bbpress functinalities, right? I'd like to confirm this, because like I said, with TML I can have registration emails being sent from my no-reply email address and some other functions that buddypress registration form doesn't offer me -at least not as far as I know.

    Thanks again. :slight_smile:

  • Wheel of Commerce

    Thanks for confirming.

    I'm putting this here as it's something that's probably directly related to this whole login method thing: I have 54 users that are listed in a Pending section of my users' list. What exactly does it mean? Does it mean that these people have registered, but for some reason couldn't activate their account? BTW, I've already activated these accounts manually, but if this was caused by an issue with the registration process, I'll obviously like to know how to solve it.


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