Theme My Login settings -URL Links and reCAPTCHA


I'd like to know what these Theme My Login Settings are meant for, as there isn't an explanation for them in the plugin's site and it's something that doesn't require specific knowledge on the plugin, so you guys can help me with that.
1-URL Links: by default, the following is set to every role:
When logged out users go to these URLs, they get redirected to the login page, and when logged in users go to these them, they see a message saying "Looks like you are lost... There is nothing interesting around here! Go Back to the Home Page please!". What are these URLs for? Should I press the delete button beside all of them, for every role? If not, and if they're not important, can I at least have these URLs redirecting to my Page Not Found page?

2-At TML > reCAPTCHA, there're 3 options: Public Key, Private Key and Theme. What should I insert in these fields?