theme not showing up in theme list

I have support access on for I uploaded through file manager this theme:

The theme is not showing up when you go to appearance > themes.


  • splaquet

    1) did you install the theme by uploading the zip file or did you upload the files via ftp?

    if you uploaded the zip, did you first extract the zip file? or only upload the zip file that you downloaded from the source?

    sometimes the zip files contain much more than only the theme files. sometimes they'll include theme instructions, HTML & PSD templates, a & and sometimes more.

    so, just make sure that you uploaded the proper zip, if that's how you did it.

    2) if you're not seeing the theme listed in the themes section, look on the bottom of the themes page. if there's an actual problem with the theme, it'll most likely mention what the issue is. (eg: "missing theme style.css" or other some type of broken message)

    3) if you uploaded the zip, try checking out the files via ftp. verify that they're all there and have the correct permissions. if they all "appear correct", try uploading another set over them. every once in a while, a hiccup can happen during an ftp upload. (eg: sometimes a file will say uploaded and show as uploaded, but only actually uploaded a partial version of the file)

    hope that helps!

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